Amazing Mutts

Live. Laugh. Bark.

Successful dog training is a rewarding part of a dog ownership. Training is an excellent way how to create a great relationship with your dog by bonding during exercises. 

Your dog could be a genius, too!

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated prevents most behavioral problems in domestic dogs. Most of the household dogs spend a big part of they day alone. Their loved owners coming home is usually the highlight of their day. 


Dogs were meant to live lives filled with activity. Learning new tricks or problem solving exercises are the best ways of keeping your dog mentally stimulated. 


Follow along as professional dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli and her wonder dog Einstein walk you through 21 fun and simple brain games designed to turn your pooch into a prodigy! 


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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger A. Caras, writer and preservationist

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